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Mr Maintenance
$50 Repair Certificate
Jeff at Mr. Maintenance in Gwinn invites you to save money on maintenance on any service. Whether it's repair of a roof, siding, foundation, or any repair service! Last winter was brutal! Blowing snow and cold wind seem to find its way into every nook and cranny. Don't get stuck with frozen pipes and drafty windows and doors. Call Mr. Maintenance, serving all of Marquette County.

Jeff can do just about anything to winterize your home. Mr. Maintenance has been building and fixing homes for over 20 years. He does roof repairs and replacements, dry wall work, fixes drafty windows and doors, repairs and replaces toilets, leaky faucets and sinks. Jeff also does custom woodworking, and wants to help you on maintenance & repair on any service.

Mr. Maintenance is located in Gwinn and services homes all across Marquette county.
Price: $25.00

Value: $50.00

Savings: $25.00 (50%)

Qty Available: 10

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