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2016 DR Tow Behind Grader NEW
This is a brand new 2016 model. The tough one, the beefy one. It’s a DR Power Grader Tow-Behind. Use your car, truck, 4-wheeler, tractor, or horse! Has a remote control actuated blade adjusting the height on the machine, so you can pick it up at the end of the spot you want to grade and turn around without tearing up the grass, and then set it back down when you want to grade again.

It comes with a 2-year DR warranty. It’s Model 23247 and sells for $1,200. Includes a battery charger. It comes with a weight box to add rock or concrete weight, plus two hitches, a ball style and pin style. Fix bumpy roads and driveways at camp. It features 48-inch carbide teeth to loosen the gravel and the dirt with a grader blade on back.
Price: $600.00

Value: $1,200.00

Savings: $600.00 (50%)

Qty Available: 1

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