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Superior Chaga
8 oz. Chaga Sugar Scrub
Superior Chaga offers products made out of Chaga, the power mushroom from the UP! All of the Chaga is harvested locally and products are made right here in the UP! As an edible mushroom, Chaga has been utilized for thousands of years by Europeans and Native Americans for its medicinal properties.

Stop by Great Lakes Radio and pick up this Chaga Sugar Scrub, a Chaga based exfoliant that is gentle enough to be used on sensitive skin. The Chaga is immersed in natural oils to polish, hydrate, and protect. Grains of raw sugar and Chaga gently remove dead skin while accelerating renewal and revealing radiance and an even skin tone.
Price: $25.00

Value: $36.00

Savings: $11.00 (31%)

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