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Bartanen's Auto Body
$100 Service Certificates
Bartanen's Auto in West Ishpeming is more than just a garage. They are your 1-stop solution to all of your vehicles needs. Whether you need an oil change, tire rotation, new brakes, front end alignment or any other mechanical work on your vehicle, Bartanen's Auto has you covered.

But did you know that Bartanen's Auto also does body work? The experienced team at Bartanen's Auto will take care everything from surface scratches left over from your off-road adventure during hunting season, small fender-benders from sliding into the ditch or mailbox, to large repairs from automobile accidents or deer collisions!

As a family owned business, Bartanen's Auto is your trusted source for ALL of your vehicles needs.

Use up to 2 certificates toward any maintenance, mechanical repair, or body work to your vehicle at Bartanen’s Auto in West Ishpeming. The certificate can be applied to reduce your total bill or cover part of your insurance deductible!
Price: $60.00

Value: $100.00

Savings: $40.00 (40%)

Qty Available: 2

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