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Jim's Music
Peavy 300Watt bass Combo- DEMO
Peavy Max 115 300watt bass combo- Tube Emulation
This is a new Demo from Jims Music. People played it at the store so a few scratches. Like new condition built with Tube emulation - with a tuner on board front panel - cool!
EQ on front panel to change the sound,
Head phone jack to practice & plug your phone into practice with YouTube, Direct out to go to a PA, and a Ground lift to remove AC power noise in speaker
Active or Passive inputs to match your bass
Little tweeter at top left for clarity,
15inch speaker for big bass,
Fairly light weight so it’s easier to haul around
Price: $230.00

Value: $600.00

Savings: $370.00 (62%)

Qty Available: 1

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