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Wilderness Sports
Half in the Bag Camo Suit
Don’t Let Being Cold Ruin Your Hunt. Get Half in the Bag!

It’s hard to hunt when you’re cold! Wilderness Sports in Ishpeming has the solution: the Half in the Bag is a body heat retention system designed to keep you warm, yet leave your hands free so you can spend hours hunting in the woods or ice fishing - all while staying toasty warm.

Made from high quality materials that repel water, stop wind, and retain body heat. Features include clip-on camo suspenders, 160 grams Reflekt Insulation to keep you warm, water resistant bottom zips off for better mobility, straps easily to a backpack, and adjustable waist up to 48".

Half in the Bag is a water repellent, wind stopping, portable necessity for getting the most out of your hunt - especially in our harsh U.P. weather! It even folds down into a neat little package and comes with a convenient carrying strap.
Price: $75.00

Value: $150.00

Savings: $75.00 (50%)

Qty Available: 1

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