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Marquette Parks & Rec
$100 Certificate - Facility Rental
Spring is here which means summer is coming. Bridal shower? Baby shower? Big family picnic? Rent the Presque Isle Pavilion as a "home base" for all of those adventures from Marquette Parks and Rec by calling 228-0460.

You can use up to two of these $100 certificates at one time, and 2 certificates will pay for a 2-hour rental at the Presque Isle Pavilion. You can use these certificates toward any facility rental from Marquette Parks and Rec including Citizens Forum and Lakeview Arena. You can also use these toward purchasing ice time at Lakeview Arena! Get a few buddies together and have the ice to yourself for an hour!
Price: $65.00

Value: $100.00

Savings: $35.00 (35%)

Qty Available: 2

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