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Jim's Music
Breedlove Mahogany Acoustic Guitar
USA Concert Day Light E Mahogany-Mahogany, hand crafted in Bend, Oregon. It features a high quality electronic pickup, which is also your strap lock on the bottom. An extremely high quality fret board with volume control on the edge of the sound hole.

It’s light to hold, so this guitar won’t wear you out. It has the most textured sound in the concert series and it’s 25% lighter than other mahogany guitars to carry. Nipple tuners, African ebony fret board, firelight satin finish, Honduran mahogany. Solid wood back, sides, and top with offset dots on the fret board. Plug it into a PA and be the star! You will sound better on a Breedlove.
Price: $1,400.00

Value: $2,132.00

Savings: $732.00 (34%)

Qty Available: 1

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