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Stretch your dollars with the original Great Lakes Radio Shopping Show!

Todd Noordyk is the founder of the U.P.'s original Shopping Show. He started the show in Manistique back in 1993 on a small AM station covering the Central U.P. His goal was to support local businesses and help listeners save money.

Todd Noordyk Great Lakes Radio Owner and Walt Lindala

The Shopping Show moved to Marquette in 1998, and since then, listeners have saved over 4 Million Dollars with Major Discount and the Great Lakes Radio Shopping Show!

Great Lakes Radio supports local businesses by actively promoting them on the Shopping Show and helping them introduce new products and services to their customers.

Check out all the great items and services for sale on and let us help you stretch your dollars!

Major Discount says, "I love to save people money, love to meet happy customers, and one of my greatest compliments is being copied by other radio stations, television stations, and local U.P. papers."

Where to Listen:

Tune in to the Shopping Show on the air LIVE every Wednesday from 9-11 am on, 103 WFXD, 92.7 WRUP Escanaba, and AM 1400 WQXO. Call us during the show at (906) 227-7777 to talk to the Major and receive the best deals! You can also listen to the LIVE online stream at

How to use Shopping Show Certificates:

Shopping Show Certificates can be used just like cash at the issuing business. From oil changes to car clean-ups, massages to haircuts, carpeting to cabinets, you'll find all the products you need at a Deal! Going out for dinner this weekend? Check out our list! We have great savings on dining and entertainment. We have over 2,000 items for you to choose from.

Order from so you can save money and spend more time in Michigan's colorful Upper Peninsula

Purchase Options:

Shopping Show Certificates can be purchased online by using your PayPal account. You can also reserve your certificates by calling Great Lakes radio, Inc. at (906) 228-6800. You can pick up your certificates at our network offices, 3060 US 41 West, Marquette, MI 49855, or you can pay via credit card over the phone and have them mailed right to your home!

Each week, Shopping Show Certificates will be reserved for you until the following Tuesday at 4 pm.

More Information:

Tuesdays, at 4 pm, we email the weekly Shopping Show Newsletter. You'll find our new featured items as well as the complete list of items available for Wednesday's live show! Be the first to hear about the deals on new Shopping Show items, and be in the know about what will be for sale on the Shopping Show! Sign up for the weekly newsletter at

Listen to in the

Contact US:

If you have questions, please contact the Shopping Show at Great Lakes Radio, Inc.

You can also contact us at:
Great Lakes Radio, Inc.
3060 US 41 West, Marquette, MI 49855
Network Office Phone: (906)228-6800


Shopping Show Business Inquiries:

The best way to get new business through the door is with a Deal! Every Wednesday, Major Discount and friends highlight fantastic products for sale by our clients. Need to enhance your advertising budget? Look at your product inventory and consider doing a straight trade for your product or services and feature it on the Shopping Show and

Become a selling member of and you will align your business with customers ready to purchase your products! We reach the largest listening audience across the board by simulcasting on four stations: Sunny.FM, 103 WFXD, WRUP Escanaba, and WQXO.

Great Lakes Radio, Inc. does a straight retail to retail trade: You supply services and/or merchandise to be sold at a deal to our loyal Shopping Show listeners/customers and we give you advertising credit equal to the Retail Value of your items. You'll also receive heavy promotion on the Shopping Show – LIVE every Wednesday and you'll have a featured spot in our weekly newsletter (emailed to 12,000+ loyal listeners) your first week.

Our listeners visit your business to use the item or service you provided. What a great way to introduce new products and services and find new customer

Call us at (906) 228-6800 to learn more about this great marketing opportunity for approved items.

PLEASE NOTE: Once items and services are placed on, you will have immediate access to utilize your credit. However, the item placed on the Shopping Show will stay on the Shopping Show until it is sold and will belong to Great Lakes Radio, Inc.