Retail PriceSale Price
1844 Store$15 Certificate19$15.00$10.00
387 Restaurant$10 Menu Certificate8$10.00$6.00
906 Sports Bar and Grill$10 Menu Certificate3$10.00$7.00
Accents on Style$15 Men's Cut2$15.00$9.00
Accents on Style$20 Women's Cut2$20.00$14.00
Accents on Style$50 Color Certificate2$50.00$35.00
Accents on Style$55 Highlight2$55.00$38.00
All Season Garden Supply$25 Gift Certificate4$25.00$12.50
All Seasons Carpet Care & Rest$130 Certificate for Floor Cleaing:2$130.00$80.00
All Seasons Floral & Gifts$10 Certificate 15$10.00$6.00
All Seasons Floral & Gifts$25 Certificate6$25.00$15.00
Andy's Diner$5 Certificate11$5.00$2.50
ArbonneFull Arbonne Anti-Aging Kit (RE9)1$460.00$230.00
Art of Framing$20 for Framing or Art Supplies17$20.00$12.00
Art of Framing$50 for Framing Only2$50.00$30.00
Art UP Style$25 Certificate5$25.00$15.00
Aurora Piercing Boutique$30 towards any piercing services44$30.00$15.00
Auto Armor Auto Spa$219.95 Int. Shampoo & Ext. Polish Small/Mid-size6$219.95$160.00
Auto Armor Auto Spa$249.95 Int. Shampoo & Ext. Polish Mini-Van-Utility-4 door Truck6$249.95$179.00
Auto Armor Auto Spa$269.95 Int. Shampoo & Ext. Polish Suburban-Van-Truck15$269.95$199.00
Auto Armor Auto Spa5 Pak $8 Deluxe Car Washes5$40.00$25.00
Auto Value of West Ishpeming$10 Certificate10$10.00$6.00
AuTrain River Canoes10 Foot Kayak Rental1$20.00$11.00
AuTrain River Canoes16 Foot Double Kayak Rental1$35.00$18.00
AuTrain River Canoes2-seat Canoe Rental1$30.00$20.00
AuTrain River Canoes3-seat Canoe Rental7$35.00$25.00
Backwoods Pizza2 Topping Large 14" Pizza4$20.00$12.00
Black Diamond Car Wash$11 Rain-X Complete Wash6$11.00$7.00
Black Duck Hunting PreserveOne Hour Dog Training Session2$50.00$30.00
Bonfire Steakhouse, The$20 Certificate5$20.00$12.00
Bosk Equipment & Party Rental$100 Certificate11$100.00$65.00
Bosk Equipment & Party RentalLarge Bounce House Rental4$200.00$120.00
Boxcar Boutique$10 Certificate10$10.00$5.00
Budget BucksWhitetail Hunting Book5$17.30$12.00
Cafe Bodega$10 Menu Certificate6$10.00$6.00
Calumet Theater1 Ticket for the Fabulous Thunderbirds Saturday Sept 21 @ 7:30pm7$44.00$30.00
Cartridges and More$25 Certificate4$25.00$15.00
Coachlight Restaurant$10 Certificate towards any Menu Item18$10.00$6.00
Compound Ski Shop$100 Helmet Gift Certificate6$100.00$60.00
D & K Tractors & TrailersDual Hay Bale single axle trailer manufactured by Tiger Trailers1$2,700.00$1,399.00
Da Yoopers Tourist Trap$10 Certificate1$10.00$6.00
Dead River Coffee$15 Certificate10$15.00$10.00
Delona Restaurant$10 Menu Certificate174$10.00$5.00
DeSigns11oz. Photo Mug 9$8.00$5.00
DeSignsLogo T-Shirt2$15.00$9.00
Dis N Dat$25 Certificate45$25.00$12.50
Dobber's Pasties12 oz. Beef Pasty21$4.25$3.00
Dobber's Pasties12 oz. Breakfast Pasty12$4.25$3.00
Dobber's Pasties12 oz. Chicken Pasty13$4.25$3.00
Dobber's Pasties12 oz. Ham & Cheese Pasty8$4.25$3.00
Dobber's Pasties12 oz. Pizza Pasty11$4.25$3.00
Dobber's Pasties12 oz. Veggie Pasty19$4.25$3.00
Dobbers Pasties$5 Certificate20$5.00$3.00
Doing Business Associates$99 Basic Tax Return Certificate3$99.00$60.00
Dr. Doug's Auto Repair$2,000 Certificate Good Toward Any Service1$2,000.00$1,100.00
Earth Heart Gardens$300 Certificate Toward Any Size Landscaping Project1$300.00$150.00
Edge of RealityGroup Party Rental - up to 15 people1$225.00$100.00
Enchanted Bridal & Formal Wear$100 Certificate Toward Bridal Gowns Only2$100.00$60.00
Essential ChiropracticAdjustment- One Zone Specific8$35.00$20.00
Essential ChiropracticInitial Consultation & Exam3$107.00$50.00
Family Video$10 Certificate for Video Rentals9$10.00$6.00
Fraco Inc.~130 Square Feet of Beautiful Travertine Tile1$900.00$450.00
Freedom Mills5lb Bag of Fresh All Purpose Wheat Flour4$7.00$3.50
Hair Shed, The$20 Certificate47$20.00$12.00
Hardcore Outfitters60 minute Techno Video Simulator Hunt3$65.00$40.00
Hardee's of the UP$5 Menu Certificate48$5.00$3.00
Home Comfort Plumbing & HeatinService Call Certificate3$79.00$50.00
Honor YogaTwo 1-Hour Yoga Classes 4$26.00$12.00
Horseshoe Lake CampgroundFull Hookup Campsite10$40.00$25.00
Horseshoe Lake CampgroundHoneymoon Cabin Rental1$100.00$65.00
Horseshoe Lake CampgroundRustic Tent Site10$20.00$15.00
Horseshoe Lake CampgroundWater / Electric Hookup9$35.00$20.00
Hudson's Classic Grill & Bar$10 Menu Certificate12$10.00$6.50
Hudson's Classic Grill & Bar$25 Menu Certificate5$25.00$17.00
Icon Sign Co.24" by 36" Framed Canvas2$69.95$39.00
Icon Sign Co.Sign Lettering for Truck with Graphics1$900.00$500.00
Jasper Ridge Brewery$15 Certificate8$15.00$10.00
Jeffrey's Restaurant$10 Menu Certificate31$10.00$6.00
Jessica & Co.$10 Off on All Hair Care Products5$10.00$6.00
Jet Black$250 Certificate Toward Paving2$250.00$150.00
Jet's Pizza$25 Gift Certificate4$25.00$18.00
Jim's Music$10 Certificate21$10.00$6.00
Jim's Music$100 Certificate4$100.00$65.00
Jim's Music$20 Certificate8$20.00$13.00
Jim's Music$25 Certificate13$25.00$15.00
Jim's Music$50 Gift Certificate11$50.00$30.00
Johnson Glass Cleaning$250 Cleaning of Windows, Siding, Concrete, Shingles3$250.00$150.00
Kate's PlaceConditioning Treatment with Montana6$25.00$15.00
Kate's PlacePerm by Montana - includes style3$50.00$30.00
Kate's PlaceShampoo with Montana - includes style6$25.00$15.00
KFC$5 Fill Up of Your Choice1$5.00$3.00
KFC2 Piece Meal with Drink15$8.03$5.00
KFC8 Piece Chicken Bucket Meal4$21.13$12.00
KFCCatering Package for 26 People1$130.00$88.00
Kildare Irish American Pub$12 Certificate10$12.00$8.00
L'Anse Golf Club9 Holes of Golf37$16.00$9.00
LaDolce VideoGraduation or Wedding Digital Memory Album6$200.00$100.00
LaFayette Collision CenterLarge Sized Vehicle #2 Package4$90.00$60.00
LaFayette Collision CenterLarge Vehicle #4 Package3$210.00$160.00
LaFayette Collision CenterMedium Sized Vehicle #2 Package2$80.00$55.00
LaFayette Collision CenterMedium Vehicle #4 Package4$185.00$145.00
LaFayette Collision CenterSmall Size Vehicle #2 Package4$65.00$45.00
LaFayette Collision CenterSmall Vehicle #4 Package4$165.00$129.00
Lake Superior Pizza$10 Certificate5$10.00$6.00
Main St. School of Cosmetology$500 Certificate Toward Tuition2$500.00$250.00
Mama Russo's Homemade Lasagna Meal23$5.00$3.00
Mama Russo'sHomemade Spaghetti & Meatballs in Sauce15$5.00$3.00
Mama Russo'sHomemade Spaghetti Sauce with Meat7$5.00$3.00
Mama Russo'sYooper Beer Brats 1 lb. package14$4.99$2.50
Maple Ridge ResortOne Night Stay 4$160.00$90.00
Marq-Tran1 Month General Public Fixed Route Pass5$66.00$40.00
Marq-Tran1 Month Seniors/ADA Passengers/Students Fixed Route Pass4$33.00$20.00
Marq-Tran3 Month General Public Fixed Route Pass4$180.00$115.00
Marq-Tran3 Month Seniors/ADA Passengers/Students Fixed Route Pass1$90.00$60.00
Marquette Kitchen and Bath$2,500 Kitchen or Bath Certificates1$2,500.00$1,300.00
Marquette Parks & Rec$15 Certificate Toward Public Skating10$15.00$10.00
Marquette Wallpaper and Paint$25 Certificate on Store Merchandise22$25.00$15.00
Martin Sports$15 Certificate40$15.00$9.00
McDonald's10piece Chicken Nuggets MEAL5$6.79$5.00
McDonald's2 Sausage Burritos MEAL2$4.99$3.00
McDonald'sArtisan Grilled Chicken Sandwich MEAL4$7.89$5.25
McDonald'sBacon Egg & Cheese McGriddles MEAL5$6.19$4.50
McDonald'sBig Mac MEAL1$7.99$5.50
McDonald'sBig Mac Sandwich3$4.49$3.25
McDonald'sButtermilk Crispy Chicken MEAL4$7.89$5.00
McDonald'sDouble Quarter Pounder with Cheese MEAL2$8.89$6.50
McDonald'sEgg McMuffin MEAL5$5.39$3.50
McDonald'sFilet-O-Fish MEAL5$6.69$4.00
McDonald'sHappy MEAL - Cheese Burger5$3.99$3.00
McDonald'sHappy MEAL- 4 piece Nuggets5$4.29$3.25
McDonald'sQuarter Pounder Deluxe with Cheese MEAL3$7.79$5.50
McDonald'sQuarter Pounder with Cheese MEAL5$7.29$5.25
McDonald'sSausage Biscuit with Egg MEAL 5$5.49$4.00
McDonald'sSausage McMuffin with Egg MEAL5$5.19$3.50
McDonald'sSouthwest Salad with Chicken1$5.99$4.00
McDonald'sSteak, Egg & Cheese Bagel Extra Value Meal5$7.29$5.00
McDonald'sSteak, Egg & Cheese Bagel Sandwich5$5.59$4.00
mediaBrewMilo Birch - Stepping Up CD4$15.00$10.00
mediaBrewThe Christmas Ship Hardback Edition11$26.95$15.00
mediaBrewThe Christmas Ship Paperback Edition29$18.95$10.00
MI Internet CompanyInternet Installation and 6 months of service2$355.93$200.00
Midas Escanaba$50 Certificate10$50.00$25.00
Midtown Bakery & Cafe$10 Menu Certificate8$10.00$6.00
Morrison's Gift Shop$10 Gift Certificate10$10.00$6.00
Morrison's Gift Shop$25 Certificate3$25.00$15.00
Muldoons Pasties$10 Menu Certificates63$10.00$6.50
Napa$50 Certificate towards any Item14$50.00$34.00
North Country Disposal1 Luxury Restroom Trailer1$1,000.00$600.00
North Country DisposalPortable Rest Rooms with Sink2$200.00$130.00
Oh Snap!2-Hour Photo Booth Rental4$450.00$225.00
OK Rental Sales & Service$50 Towards any Purchase2$50.00$30.00
OK Rental Sales & Service10000 watt Briggs & Stratton Generator 1$1,299.00$1,000.00
OK Rental Sales & ServiceChainsaw Tune-Up2$50.00$30.00
Ore Dock Brewing Co.1 Ticket to "Them Coulee Boys" Friday, September 6th @ 9pm12$5.00$3.00
Pak Ratz Resale Shop$10 Certificate9$10.00$6.00
Papa Murphy's$10 Menu Certificate7$10.00$6.50
Pasty Oven, The15oz Cornish Pasty9$4.00$3.00
PeaceshineDe-Stressing Session14$65.00$40.00
Peak Gymnastics and Fitness1 Birthday Party for up to 15 kids1$190.00$100.00
Peak Gymnastics and Fitness1 Month CrossFit (Unlimited)1$140.00$70.00
Peak Gymnastics and FitnessParents Night Out Pass for 1 Child13$20.00$15.00
Pictured Rocks GolfGreens Fee Passes24$30.00$18.00
Pomp's TiresStandard Oil Change2$27.50$18.00
Quality Car Care$100 Value Certificate10$100.00$65.00
Quality Car Care$50 Value Certificate30$50.00$33.00
Quality Car CarePlow Package worth $2,8002$2,800.00$2,000.00
Quality InnOne Night's Stay1$150.00$99.00
Rare Earth Cafe$10 Menu Certificate41$10.00$6.00
Republic Ridge Hunting ResortHunting Resort Initiation Membership4$300.00$150.00
Richardson Jewelers$250 Certificate towards any New Purchase1$250.00$150.00
Rodney's Pizza$10 Menu Certificate15$10.00$6.00
Roy Ness Contracting$1,000 Cabinets Certificate1$1,000.00$400.00
Salvation Army Thrift Store$5 Certificate towards any Item in Marquette 10$5.00$2.50
Seder's Pizza$15 Certificate7$15.00$9.00
Sherry's Port Bar$10 Menu Certificate36$10.00$6.00
Silver Lake Resort$25 Certificate for the Restaurant or Store5$25.00$15.00
Silver Lake Resort$25 Certificates Good at the Campground5$25.00$15.00
Simple Beauty PhotographySenior Portrait Package4$575.00$300.00
SKN MarquetteLaser Acne Removal Treatment1$1,200.00$650.00
SKN MarquetteLaser Leg Hair Removal Treatment 1$2,094.00$1,000.00
SKN MarquetteMen's Ear Hair Removal 1$414.00$220.00
SKN MarquetteTattoo Removal 1$1,600.00$800.00
Smokehouse Glenn$10 Certificate45$10.00$6.00
Sports Rack$40 Bike Tune Up9$40.00$20.00
Sports RackHalf Day Fat Bike Rental15$25.00$15.00
St. Vincent de Paul GWINN$10 Certificate20$10.00$6.00
St. Vincent de Paul ISH$10 Certificate70$10.00$6.00
St. Vincent de Paul MQT$5 Certificate103$5.00$3.00
Straight Line Archery$20 Certificate8$20.00$10.00
Students First$25 Certificate5$25.00$15.00
Sunny Daze Tanning1 Spray Tan Session2$30.00$20.00
Super One Foods-Mqt1/4 Sheet Cake4$24.00$16.00
Super One Foods-MqtOne Dozen Donuts - Cake or Raised5$10.60$6.00
Superior Express Care & Wash$100 Mechanical Service Certificate10$100.00$60.00
Superior Express Care & WashFull Service Synthetic Oil Change43$70.00$39.00
Superior Eye Health Center$100 Certificate towards glasses12$100.00$55.00
Superior Outfitters$10 Certificate 2$10.00$7.00
Superior OutfittersFull Day Guided Fishing Pass 2$375.00$200.00
Superior Pro Training$50 Certificates Toward Any Training Class10$50.00$30.00
Superior Times ResortOne Night Stay in 1 BR Cabin1$110.00$69.00
Susie Q's Antiques$10 certificate towards any item in the store5$10.00$6.00
Switzer ConstructionCedar Tone 8x8 Gazebo1$4,600.00$3,800.00
Switzer ConstructionCedar Tone Octagon Easy Access Picnic Table1$500.00$419.00
Switzer ConstructionTraditional Cedar Picnic Table1$400.00$319.00
Teal Lake Pizzeria$20 Certificate60$20.00$13.00
Teal Lake Pizzeria14" Artisan Pizza3$15.99$10.00
Teal Lake Pizzeria16" Specialty Pizza3$21.99$13.00
The Guys' PlaceBeard Trimming3$5.00$3.00
Thrift ISH$10 Certificate towards anything in the Store 25$10.00$6.00
Throttle Bar & Grill$10 Menu Certificate20$10.00$6.00
Time Flies Quilt and SewBernina 480 Sewing Machine with $100 Certificate1$2,899.00$2,200.00
Togo's$5 Certificate8$5.00$3.25
Top Flight Salon1-Month Unlimited Tanning1$50.00$30.00
Top Flight SalonCut & Color Certificate1$65.00$45.00
Trenary Tavern$25 Certificate6$25.00$17.00
Tucks Auto Repair$39.95 Full Service Oil Change5$39.95$20.00
Uncle Chuck's Funny Farm$30 Certificate11$30.00$20.00
UP Chaga ConnectionBlooming Earth Hand & Body Cream 4oz4$21.99$13.50
UP Chaga ConnectionBlooming Earth Hand & Body Cream 8oz3$35.99$20.00
UP Chaga ConnectionChaga Herbal Lip Balm1$3.99$2.50
UP Chaga ConnectionUP Wilderness Spice Tea 1.70oz3$6.50$4.00
UP Chaga ConnectionYooper Chaga 2x Extract 2oz1$19.99$15.00
UP Chaga ConnectionYooper Chaga 2x Extract 4oz2$36.99$25.00
UP Childrens MuseumFamily Admission Pass (Up to 10 people)5$25.00$15.00
UPtown Gifts$15 Certificate100$15.00$10.00
Velodrome Coffee$10 Certificate23$10.00$5.00
Venice Pub & Pizzeria$10 Menu Certificate12$10.00$6.00
Venice Pub & Pizzeria$25 Menu Certificate12$25.00$15.00
Victory's Thrift Store$5 Certificate20$5.00$3.00
Village ChiropracticConsultation & Adjustment8$40.00$20.00
Wendy'sOne Regular Combo or Premium Chicken Salad41$9.00$5.00
White Pine Lodge1 Night's Stay8$100.00$65.00
Whitmarsh Builders$1,500 Shed Certificate1$1,500.00$1,000.00
Wilderness SportsTenPoint Turbo GT1$1,039.00$795.00
Wilderness SportsVIRB Elite True 1080p HD Action Camera with WiFi, GPS1$400.00$222.00
Yoop-Phoria$10 Certificate10$10.00$7.00
Yooper Boy Services$100 Certificate2$100.00$60.00
Yooptone Music$25 Certificate14$25.00$15.00