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Johnson Glass Cleaning
$250 Cleaning of Windows, Siding, Concrete, Shingles
Don't try to shovel your roof yourself. That can be dangerous. I mean its slippery up there. To protect your home, the safest thing to do is Call Johnson Window Cleaning & Roof Shoveling. Call 906-361-0361. Randy and his team are experienced, agile, they are active climbers, and are fully insured. Don't hurt yourself, or hurt a family member, by getting on a snowy - icy roof. Cleaning UP roofs is an everyday thing for Johnson Window Cleaning & Roof Shoveling. Get it done safely with one call to 906-361-0361

1 per visit
Price: $150.00

Value: $250.00

Savings: $100.00 (40%)

Qty Available: 1

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