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LaFayette Collision Center
Large Vehicle #2 Package
At LaFayette Collision Center, Inc. they believe that something worth doing is worth doing right. Though we meet by accident, LaFayette Collision Center wants you to be glad we did so they stand by their services, products and work. Their highly trained and well-qualified staff will get your job done right, and right on time.

Not only does LaFayette Collision Center provide expert repairs on all makes and models, they also provide expert detailing to restore your vehicle to show room appearance. The Shopping Show has a car wash & wax package for large vehicles. Large = 4 door truck, wagon, SUV, Mini-van

The #2 Package includes:
Exterior wash & wax
Clean interior, dash & trim
Vacuum seats & carpeting
Clean glass
Clean wheels

Call 226-8686 for more info.

Price: $85.00

Value: $130.00

Savings: $45.00 (35%)

Qty Available: 2

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