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$10 Certificate
Yoop-Phoria is offering these $10 certificates toward any in-store purchase. Yoop-Phoria is a healthy indulgence you can enjoy year-round with 30 amazing flavors to tantalize your taste buds on every visit. And, at only 120 calories for a small cup, it’s an indulgence that can become part of a healthy daily routine. All gurt! No guilt! Come in and start working your way down the list! And while you're there, make sure you buy a pint to take home.

Not all yogurts are created equal. Active cultures and healthy pro-biotics give Yoop-phoria it's delicious signature tart taste, and it’s actually good for you. A word of caution t’s very addicting. Yoop-Phoria is located at 156 W Washington St., downtown, Marquette, across the street from Hot Plate. Call (906) 273-2065.
Price: $6.00

Value: $10.00

Savings: $4.00 (40%)

Qty Available: 10

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